Institutional Yield. For everyone.

Fortunafi Treasury Token

Higher yield from real world assets

Rigorously underwritten assets from emerging and growth stage asset classes originated by cutting-edge FinTech asset originators. Higher APY than traditional products.

Effectively manage risk

Smart Contracts written and audited by the best in the decentralized finance space. Bankruptcy remote legal structures that ensure legal recourse on collateral. Use stablecoins to eliminate impermanent loss.

Minimal fees

We are verticalizing the securitization process and bringing significant efficiencies to asset originators by going around the legacy capital market participants.

Low volatility through stablecoins

By investing with and earning yield in stablecoins there is no underlying directional risk unlike most decentralized finance yield products. Stablecoins allow for simple and easy flow of yield.

Jason Smith
CIO at Space Whale Capital

"Managing crypto assets is full of volatility. Fortunafi offers the non-correlated, non-directional, low risk, high yielding products we have been looking for."

10% APY
Treasury Token
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60% APY
Yield Dollar
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Invest in the Fortunafi Treasury Token ($FF1DRP)