Earn yield
We offer higher-yield investment products through the acquisition, pooling, and securitization of Real World Assets (RWA) on-chain.
Our RWA offerings
Fortunafi Series 1
5% Target APY* | 8.4m TVL
Fortunafi Series 2
Coming Soon!
Fortunafi Series 3
Coming Soon!
Exposure to on-chain RWA
Fortunafi pools emulate a securitization structure, allowing investors to purchase a senior tranche of Fortunafi on-chain pools backed by RWA.
Attractive risk-reward structure
Investors gain exposure to real asset risk profiles with a “kicker” of on-chain variable return, creating a unique risk-reward.
Protection from losses with senior position
By investing in the senior tranches of Fortunafi pools, investors gain the additional benefit of subordination and excess spread.
Outsized returns
Potential for above average annual returns by earning cryptocurrency rewards on top of a base interest rate.
A large investment company was looking for exposure into DeFi assets on chain. Investing into the Fortunafi pools gave them exposure to high yield, cash flowing assets on chain.
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