Protocol services
We provide services to facilitate the operation and growth of other protocols, ranging from governance to treasury management. Protocol management needs to be implemented with efficiency and integrity to ensure long-term business viability, as well as regulatory compliance and business practice adherence. The larger the protocol, the more important the operation management.
Protocol development & operation
We provide platforms and advisory services to aid protocols in their development strategies, covering from governance engineering and code audit, to marketing and research strategies to amplify the brand recognition.
Asset allocation & liability management
We provide the platform to enable protocols to allocate their assets in various investment strategies. Specifically, Fortunafi offers higher-yield investment products through the acquisition, pooling, and securitization of Real World Assets (RWA) on-chain. We also provide advisory services on determining and setting key risk metrics to manage liabilities of the protocol. We facilitate and advise on Proof of Reserves concept and management, particularly with regard to RWA.
Treasury management & policy
We also provide services for the protocol’s treasury management and policy including (but not limited to):
  • Budget proposal and voting policy
  • Determine and implement the policy for liquidity mining, token buybacks, staff salaries, etc.
Fortunafi partners with MakerDAO, one of the largest DAO treasuries at ~$7 billion in assets. Fortunafi is directly integrated with a Maker vault for $15 million, providing liquidity for the scaling of RWA into our investment pools. The debt ceiling is set and managed by Maker governance and will increase over time. Fortunafi will continue to seek new partnerships with DAO, funds, family offices, etc. in a similar capacity to scale and provide the opportunity for these organizations to gain access to RWA on chain.