Whitelabeled products
The whitelabeled products are offered to streamline the process of tokenizing Real World Assets (RWA) and tranching those pools of assets in an on-chain securitization. We provide the end-to-end solution or specific areas listed below.
Tokenize assets
Bring RWA on-chain via smart contracts
Custody assets
Store and manage assets securely on-chain
Cash flow management
Manage payments and asset lifecycle
Grant investors exposure to on-chain RWA
Fortunafi’s whitelabel product facilitates an easier process for traditional financial institutions, DAOs, and other liquidity providers to onboard their assets on-chain instantly. Our customers may also utilize our RWA custodian and payment agent to increase transparency, security, and trust for their asset management.

Fortunafi partners with the largest commercial mortgage real estate investment trust in the United States and the world’s largest commercial mortgage special servicer by active balance in special servicing to provide best of the industry payment agency service and custodian service for the on-chain RWA.

Ultimately, we aim to provide all necessary tools for financial institutions to bring assets on-chain while having those assets being stored and managed in a secure and transparent manner.