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Bringing Real World Assets on-chain to enable
Alternative Lending
Higher Yield On-Chain
Growth of DeFi & Stablecoin TVL
Access capital
We provide debt capital to technology startups and financial institutions.
Earn yield
RWA and DeFi structured yield products accessible via API, on-chain, or OTC.
Governance, treasury management and underwriting advisory services.
Whitelabeled products
All in one solution for institutions to bridge assets on-chain, custody RWA assets, and automated payment agent tools.
Who we serve
Crypto institutions
Crypto native investment funds seeking superior, uncorrelated yield.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations concentrated on proper treasury management.
Individual investors
Individual investors with a demand for high yielding products.
Institutional investors
Legacy financial institutions looking to diversify into emerging crypto products.
Asset originators
Businesses providing advance financing to businesses and/or individuals.
Why Fortunafi?
Fortunafi is an on-chain financial institution, providing an all-in-one liquidity solution for traditional entities and stablecoin issuers. We offer higher-yield investment products through the acquisition, pooling, and securitization of Real World Assets (RWA) on-chain.
Any investment results described, portrayed or implied on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Private markets are volatile and entail speculative investments. Reference to higher returns or yields are references to the potentially higher target return that many Fortunafi offerings strive for, but not a guarantee or indication of actual higher returns or yields experienced by investors as compared to other investment options. Fortunafi is not registered as an investment adviser or broker-dealer. Fortunafi does not make any representation or warranty to any prospective investor regarding the legality or suitability of an investment in any securities.