Higher Yield with Real World Assets

We are bringing institutional yield products to DeFi by rebuilding the securitization stack from the ground up.

For investors
Get 10% APY from the Fortunafi Treasury Token

More Yield with Less Risk

No onerous regulatory, compliance, or reporting requirements that increase costs and reduce your yield. How? Because we rebuilt the entire securitization stack.

Securitization was broken - We fixed it

We replaced rent seeking intermediaries by leveraging decentralized finance protocols, stablecoins, and security tokens. These assets are in the same bankruptcy remote legal structures as traditional products - so you can feel confident that the collateral has legal recourse.

Choose your product and your risk

Different products for different Risk/Reward tolerances. Use stablecoins as collateral for a passive asset backed fixed return investment that is drastically less risky and no impermanent loss.

10% APY
Treasury Token
60% APY
Yield Dollar*
*coming Soon
Correlation to Traditional Markets
Impermanent Loss
For Asset Originators
Get access to extremely low cost, scalable capital.