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The legacy process for Asset Originators (AOs) to get access to capital can take multiple months. Fortunafi partners directly with the AOs, providing a more efficient and streamlined solution. We offer a lower cost of capital and a more flexible funding structure than legacy capital market incumbents.
Access to fair capital
We work with emerging and growth stage companies that pass our fair yet rigorous underwriting guidelines. Unlike traditional financial institutions we care more about the quality of your assets than who you know.
Uncorrelated to markets
Our capital is available when the markets and liquidity are not. Lower your risk by removing your reliance on single-source liquidity from banks.
Scalable, low cost capital that grows with you
Young, innovative fintech companies should not be penalized for their lack of loan history. We scale and grow access to capital with every company we work with - while banks make you work through their unfair regulatory and compliance requirements.
Diverse asset and duration funding
We help you pursue a broader customer base by giving your unique assets access to a whole new world of liquidity - unlike banks who will only fund a very narrow range of assets.
A SaaS based location tracking services business was looking to grow its marketing outreach and improve product offerings.  Fortunafi was able to provide non-dilutive capital quickly and more efficiently than a traditional lender. The strategic partnership and finding the right financing scenario has helped the business find even more momentum, improving revenue 57% since the financing.
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